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how to remove navbar from blogger

In blogger you can always hide/remove Navbar. Well, I am not so sure what navbar is about but I use navbar for switching to Dashboard to blog and vice versa. Mostly people remove Navbar for their highly customized and professional templates and some just don’t want to use Navbar. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to remove and restore Navbar from blogger blog. Follow this step :

First you have to login your blogger account. Go to dashboard.
Now choose a blog where you want to hide navbar.
Go to Design > Edit Html.
Back up your template (first make sure you have completely back up your template).
Now look for the code in your Blog HTML

Now paste the below code before the above code

Click on preview to make sure Navbar is hidden.
That’s it. Now click on save template (This procedure will hide the navbar from your blog).

Example :

How to add Website or Blog in search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and other

Source all visitors your Website or Blog  from directories Web, search engines, link / links from other websites and direct traffic to the address / url of your site. To be able to crawl and indexed in google, yahoo, and other, your site must be found by google bot system that will track your blog and display the in site google search results.

Follow this step to introduce your Website and Blog to Bot google, yahoo, and other:

  • Add of your URL website or blog to system SEO.
  2. (only special expert / expert)
  • Add URL of your blog / website to web directories famous.
  • Promotion of good. 
  1.  Pairs of our email signature that there is a link blog or website (be careful about your emails considered spam)
  2. Pairs of your URL signature in the comments website, blog or forum other people even though no follow.
  3. Advertise in free online advertising.
  4. Insert your Website or Blog in the web directory local and international  as many.
  5. Register of Website or Blog directories such as
  6. if your acquaintance with other people don't forget promotion of your Website or Blog.
  7. Wear clothes or attributes that are writing the address of our site.
  8. Attach a link of your Website or Blog in myspace profile, facebook, hi5, myspace, and others
 Notifications :
  • To remember and watch out for is the start of the crawl to index it could take fast or slow. Could in a matter of hours, days, weeks, months, years. So please be patient and do not easily discouraged. Do not rely on search engine alone, but use other promotional methods.

  • If you create a blog do not copy and paste from other websites because Google can detect crimes such copyright. learn to write for the website and your blog, though bad over time you will be a good writer. 

  • Articles or blogs that good writing can not always lure people / visitors to leave a comment. Comment is not something to be proud of. Concentrate on the number of visitors than the number of blog comments.

    How to change Favicon in blogger

     Example : 

    Follow This Step : 

    1. Design your icon at, DeGraeve and save it as png - ( size 16 x 16, 22 x 22, 36 x 36 ).
    2. Upload your Icon at Flickr, Photobucket, iconj,, Copy Image Location or Copy Direct Link.
    Example : 
    3. Now, login to Blogger > Dasboard > Select Layout > Edit HTML.

    4. Press CTRL + F search

    5. Insert this code below it : 
        Example :

    6. Save the Template.

    How to add meta tag for your separate blog post

    Paste this code just below the meta tag we have just added. Use the same format for your each blog post.

    1. Change the url with the url of your blog post.
    2. Change the keyword with the keyword of your blog post.
    3. Change the description with the description of your blog post.

    How To Add Meta tag In Blogger

    Adding meta tag in blogger blog is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog. Meta tag is a piece of information that helps to delivered information of your webpage to the search engine. Meta tag are the tags that tells the search engine what your website or blog is about. You must be familiar with the certain information like meta keyword and meta description before adding meta tag in your blog.

    Meta keyword :
    Meta keyword helps to describe the content of your website. Basically you can use the keyword that is related to the topic of your blog and the same keyword shouldn’t be repeated for 3 times.

    Meta description :
    Meta description helps describe your blog. Meta description will always show in various search engine just below the search result of your website. Therefore meta description of your websites shouldn’t exceed more than 150 character. The exceed letter more than 150 words will be cropped by the search engine  and only use the first few line to describe your blog which might affect your search engine ranking.

     Follow This Step :

    • Click on layout and edit HTML.
    •  Search for the following code: Press Ctr+F to search.

    • Place the following code just below it. ( Note: if you have implemented the Title Hack in your blog place this code just after that hack).

    NOTE :
    1. Replace Your_Email_Address with your Email Address.
    2. Replace Your keywords separated by commas with your site’s keywords.
    3. Replace Your Site Description with a good description of your site.
    4. Replace Your_Name with your Name.

    How to Create a Blog To Appear on SEO and Google Search Engine

    It is the bitter truth the tittle of your blog  hampers lots in search engine optimization. In the blogger by default your blog title will be appear at the first and after that the post title will be appear. Therefore your post will be less highlighted in the search engine. There is no any specific method to change it with the blogger features. Therefore we need to  change certain code of our blogger templates in order to make our blogger fully seo optimized. After applying this hacks post title will be appear at first then blog title will be appear.

    • Go to blogger dashboard >layout>edit html
    • Click on expand widget templates and press CTRL+F and search the following code :
    • Repace the code with :
    • Save template and view your blog you can see the effect of this hacks.

    MVC 3 Routing Example

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