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How to add Website or Blog in search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and other

Source all visitors your Website or Blog  from directories Web, search engines, link / links from other websites and direct traffic to the address / url of your site. To be able to crawl and indexed in google, yahoo, and other, your site must be found by google bot system that will track your blog and display the in site google search results.

Follow this step to introduce your Website and Blog to Bot google, yahoo, and other:

  • Add of your URL website or blog to system SEO.
  2. (only special expert / expert)
  • Add URL of your blog / website to web directories famous.
  • Promotion of good. 
  1.  Pairs of our email signature that there is a link blog or website (be careful about your emails considered spam)
  2. Pairs of your URL signature in the comments website, blog or forum other people even though no follow.
  3. Advertise in free online advertising.
  4. Insert your Website or Blog in the web directory local and international  as many.
  5. Register of Website or Blog directories such as
  6. if your acquaintance with other people don't forget promotion of your Website or Blog.
  7. Wear clothes or attributes that are writing the address of our site.
  8. Attach a link of your Website or Blog in myspace profile, facebook, hi5, myspace, and others
 Notifications :
  • To remember and watch out for is the start of the crawl to index it could take fast or slow. Could in a matter of hours, days, weeks, months, years. So please be patient and do not easily discouraged. Do not rely on search engine alone, but use other promotional methods.

  • If you create a blog do not copy and paste from other websites because Google can detect crimes such copyright. learn to write for the website and your blog, though bad over time you will be a good writer. 

  • Articles or blogs that good writing can not always lure people / visitors to leave a comment. Comment is not something to be proud of. Concentrate on the number of visitors than the number of blog comments.

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